Slovenians are emotionally attached to bees. The old saying that beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture was first used by the residents of the Slovenian lands. In addition, a recent slogan says that to be Slovenian is to be a beekeeper.

Research institution

Slovenian Beekeeper’s Association (SBA) is also registered as a Research institution. The Unit participates in research projects, which are mainly from the field of providing safe bee products, protection of Carniolan bee and technologies of beekeeping. 

European Honey Breakfast

We have launched the initiative for the European Honey Breakfast.

World Bee Day

Bees, as pollinators, play an important role for humankind in terms of providing food, food security and nutrition, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, climate change mitigation, and a healthy environment.

IMYB Slovenia 2023

12th International Meeting of Young Beekeepers will take place in Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia in 2023. On this webpage we will publish all the information concerning the IMYB Slovenia 2023.

Slovenia is a country in the heart of Central Europe, famous for its incredible landscape diversity as it is the crossroads of four major natural units: the Alps, the Dinaric Alps, the Pannonian Basin and the Mediterranean.

The diversity of rocks, reliefs and the atmosphere also determines the incredible soil and biotic diversity. In this small country with pristine nature, in a country where we can admire mighty mountains, lush green forests that cover 60 percent of the total surface, clean rivers and lakes, blossoming meadows and the underground world of numerous caves, the sea and so much more, there hides a true treasury of flora and fauna. Despite Slovenia being a small country, it offers favourable conditions for beekeeping, as the diversity of plants enables the production of various types of honey.

Slovenians are emotionally attached to bees. The old saying that beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture was first used by the residents of the Slovenian lands. In addition, a recent slogan says that to be Slovenian is to be a beekeeper. Among every thousand citizens of Slovenia, four people are beekeepers, which is unique in the world. Slovenia has an over 140-year-old national beekeepers’ association, the prominent technical magazine Slovenian Beekeeper (Slovenski čebelar) of a similar age, a beautiful beekeeping centre at Brdo pri Lukovici, more than 150 beekeeping banners, beekeeping formalwear, a hymn and much more.

You are most welcome to visit us. We will be glad to open the doors of our beekeeping premises. You will find out more about the mysterious life of bees, the life and the work of some of the best known Slovenian beekeepers, bee products and many other things.

Slovenian beekeepers, who are mostly united in the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, are proud to continue and to preserve the tradition of their ancestors. They take special care in the conservation of the autochthonous Carniolan bee, the protection of its life habitat and the production of the finest bee products.