Due to the circumstances related to the covida-19 epidemic, the International Competition of Young Beekeepers in 2021 will not be organized. The implementation of the competition in Slovenia has been postponed to 2023.

Year 2020 has been an unprecedented year. We all were excited to meet in July 2020 in Slovenia for our yearly IMYB meeting, but unfortunately, the global pandemic changed our plans.
Few months ago, the pandemic appeared to be a short-term event, which we hoped to be over in few months, and thus, we postponed the IMYB in Slovenia to 2021. Nevertheless, half year later, we are now experiencing a second wave, with impact on health and safety bigger than ever. Having this in mind, predicting the situation in July 2021 now is nearly impossible.

The objectives of IMYB are for young beekeepers to meet new friends from around the world, exchange their experience and explore new cultures. With the implementation of social distancing rules, travel restrictions and any other limitations required to ensure the wellbeing of all participants and meet government regulations, these objectives are extremely hard to meet.

Thus, based on the request of the Slovenian organisation team, we have decided to cancel IMYB 2021.

If any fees have been already paid, the Slovenian team will work with the respective countries to process the refunds.

We hope you understand the decision. It was an extremely difficult decision as we all would love to meet together again, but the health and safety of all participants have to come first.
We would like to thank Marko Borko and the full Slovenian team for their efforts and all preparations for IMYB 2020 and 2021 that have been done till date.

Hoping the situation gets better, we plan to meet you all in 2022 in Russia and in 2023 in Slovenia!

Meanwhile, stay safe!