European honey breakfast

Since 2007 every third Friday in November Slovenian beekeepers have been organising an educational-promotional campaign for kindergarten and primary school children entitled “Honey Breakfast”. On this day children have Slovenian honey for breakfast (it is mostly donated by various beekeepers). The idea for the educational-promotional campaign stems from the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association which now presents an initiative to establish the “European Honey Breakfast”. TheBreakfast in Slovenia has been supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, Ministry of Health, nd Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. As the majority of a person’s habits originate from childhood, it is vital to impart positive values on environmental consciousness already from an early age. Honey Breakfast is based on a collaboration of beekeepers and teachers and is co-ordinated by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association and Public Advisory Service on Beekeeping. Every year, beekeepers societies from local areas collect honey and most of it is donated to kindergartens and schools. Also an educational publication is published and distributed among children. Besides beekeepers who are in charge of presentations and children’s workshops, mayors, various officials, athletes and many other prominent figures are present at the Breakfast too. It is supported by the media as well; they publish numerous articles and thus raise the awareness of the general public on the importance of beekeeping.

The results of the campaign are visible in:

  • a positive attitude of children, teachers, and general public towards bees and nature;
  • an increase of the number of children who participate in beekeeping clubs at schools;
  • an increase of the number of young beekeepers;
  • an increase of the consumption and sales of honey and other apicultural products;
  • a support of local communities and companies for beekeepers.

In 2011, the Honey Breakfast developed into a Traditional Slovenian Breakfast and Slovenian Food Day.