Peter Kozmus


Contact information:

Professional leader of Breeding program for Carniolan honeybee

Slovenian Beekeepers´ Associations,
Brdo pri Lukovici 8,
1225 Lukovica, Slovenia


2003-2007 National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Type of sector: Department for entomology
Occupation or position held: Working as young scientists
2007-2013 Agricultural institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Type of sector, Occupation or position held: Animal department, Beekeeping Expert and research
Main activities Monitoring of pesticides in different kind of agricultural practise with honeybee colonies.
Research regarding biodiversity of Apis mellifera carnica subspecies.
2014-present Slovenian Beekeepers´ Associations
Type of sector, Occupation or position held: Beekeeping,
Professional leader of Breeding program for Carniolan honeybee
Main activities: The implementation of a breeding program, participation in the drafting of legislation in the field of beekeeping, coordination of activities 20th May become World Bee Day,…

In 2003 Peter Kozmus vas Secretary-General of Apimondia 2003 Congress, which was held in Slovenia. From then on, he attended all the congresses Apimonda and he actively participated, with the exception of Congress in Australia 2007. He is involved in many projects in the field of beekeeping in Slovenia. In recent years, he is trying to establish in the Slovenian Beekeepers Association beekeeping Institute, which aims to connect all researchers in the field of beekeeping in Slovenia.

Since 2011, he is the professional head of the breeding program for the Carniolan honey bee. He supervised breeding queens in Slovenia. He is head of the working group for the review and approval of breeding queen bees. In addition, he is the head of the working group for the preparation of the National program to improve the production and marketing of honey for the years 2017-2019. Besides this is the President of the Council for beekeeping of Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Food.

His work was represented in Austria, Croatia, Serbia, France, India, Ireland, Argentina, Ukraine and South Korea.

In addition to the organization of the congress Apimondia 2003in Slovenia he participated in the organization of the symposium Apimedica 2010, 11st Coloss Conference 2015 and International Conference of beekeeping organizations in 2010 and 2012.

He is the author or co-author of 8 published the original scientific papers, 49 scientific articles and 37 articles from conferences and symposiums. In addition he is co-author of book Beekeeping for everyone and Bumble bees in Slovenia.

In recent years he is the coordinator of the initiative to declare 20 May World Bee Day. The initiative was last year presented to the General Assembly of Apimondia in South Korea, which was unanimously adopted. The UN will discuss about the initiative in the session scheduled for the second half of 2017.